22 Dogs Rescued From The North, East, And South

It was a quiet, sunny morning... then by midday there were 22 more dogs in the Stray Rescue system. That's how many four-legged friends two rescue teams recently saved in just half a day - from all corners of the city. Included in this marathon rescue was, in South St. Louis, a box of puppies that had been callously left on top of a dumpster in an alley. In East St. Louis, we rescued Morgan and Stanley, two sweet but mangy black and white pups with severe skin conditions. In North St. Louis, we rescued a mom, her seven puppies, and another female, as well as Vintage, the Poodle, and Rustic, a very loving and very skinny boy who found rest on Darrell's lap once back in the Stray Rescue clinic. Sometimes, pictures... and a little video... speak louder than words...

The above rescued dogs are only from a half day of rescuing, and we are out on the streets daily. Their treatment will be expensive, as will the treatment of others we rescue as winter creeps into the St. Louis area. Please make a direct impact by donating to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, by clicking the donate button below. Your donation, of any amount, saves lives.

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