A Well-Dressed Rescue: Cover Girl And Pups Are Safe And Sound

Dressing up in a sport coat and tie is not my idea of casual comfort, nor is it the ideal attire to be rescuing dogs in. I was scheduled to make an appearance when the call came in to Stray Rescue. The timing was not exactly convenient, but we don’t choose these situations... rather they choose us. Regardless of what I was wearing or where I was heading, there really wasn’t a choice; the dogs are priority. Always have been, always will be. The call came from the police department. They reported a pack of dogs living with a mama, and a litter of puppies outside a row of dilapidated houses. They also reported that they witnessed one of the puppies being eaten by the starving pack of dogs. We had to act fast.

We quickly headed to the location, saw the pack outside, and immediately started looking for pups. I caught that familiar puppy squeak coming from inside one of the houses. Carefully navigating the seemingly endless mounds of trash and abandoned possessions, we found them hiding under some chairs. Mama, who we would later name Cover Girl, began barking from outside. Before we knew it, she came rushing into the house to protect her puppies from what in her mind was surely a threat. She climbed under a table with the pups to shield them, unaware that we were there to save her and the litter she so bravely protected.

It took a considerable amount of patience and many hot dogs to finally convince mom that we were there to help her, and eventually I was able to get a slip lead on her.

Resistant and still very much afraid, we used a couple of the puppies to lure her out to the rescue jeep. Once mama and three of the pups were safe in the jeep, I went back inside to make sure there were no more puppies. They are masterful hiders, and it’s always critical to be absolutely certain we find every single one. They wouldn't have survived without mom. I found the last two crouching under an end table in the corner. Once all five puppies and mama were safely in the jeep we headed back to the shelter so they could begin their new life - a life very different from the one they endured on the frigid streets.

Cover Girl’s puppies are about five or six weeks old, so she did a tremendous job keeping them warm during the brutally cold temperatures of the last month. That won’t be a concern for her any more however, as cozy nights and full bellys await her and her precious pups. That’s just the way we like it, even if our sport coat gets dirty in the process.


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