Where Are They Now? - Earlene


Earlene was found starving, missing hair, and living in a cold, drafty, abadoned house. She was a shell of a dog. Sadly, a mattress covered in insulation and drywall was her only comfort, and that's where she slept. She was spotted one morning going into "her house." The day we spotted her was the day her whole life changed.

Here's what Earlene's adoptive family had to say...

We made the decision to adopt a dog because our oldest dog, Luke, had been diagnosed with grade IV lymphoma. We were blessed to have a second dog, Cooper, who loved Luke with all his heart. We had already experienced Luke grieving the loss of our dog Daisy, and we wanted Cooper to have a friend during Luke's decline. Donna brought Earlene to our house for a TAP (Trial Adoption Period). After she left, our 5 children gathered around Earlene and announced that Donna wouldn't be allowed back if she thought she could take Earlene away... and that Earlene was way too pretty to be called "Earlene." Rosie is now Cooper's best friend and a beloved member of the family. She is the best couch guard dog we could ever ask for. We only let very important people sit on Rosie's couch. She spends her time playing with Cooper, Midas, Missy, Sophie, Mia, Suka, and Oliver. She hosts 2 doggie play dates a week for her doggie friends and occasional has slumber parties as well. She loves and is loved by 5 children who love the fact that she has a beautiful smile. Rosie is also known as " Miss Wiggly Butt" because she wags her entire back end with happiness. We are blessed to be able to love such a wonderful dog!

Thanks to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, Earlene was able to get the top-notch care she needed and go on to live an amazing life filled with fun, comfort, and love. The dogs we rescue are absolutely amazing, going on to sweeten the lives of so many families. Donations to The Stracks Fund are always needed in order to save dogs like Earlene. Please save a life and donate by clicking the icon below...

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