Giuseppe and Emma Lou’s Story. Their Time Has Come

Cold winters makes for a harsh reality for the street dog.  Two elusive strays for the past eight months would only stick around long enough for a meal and then run off, not knowing we are there to help. They don’t trust man because it is mankind that continuously let them down in so many ways, so they bolt.



The cold temps take their toll on this “joined at the hip” couple. She is pregnant, he is injured and losing his hair at a rapid pace. They disappear for a few weeks, and we wonder if they are still alive. They resurfaced this past weekend, but what we saw was nothing short of heartbreaking.

Now named Emma Lou, she had her pups. They were all dead. What’s even worse is that she’s a skeleton – a shell of a dog. She tries to stand up but just falls backwards. There was no more running, and her eyes spoke volumes as if saying, “I’m done.” With no fight left, she succumbs and lets us pick her up with no struggle. She is bleeding discharge from her vagina and is extremely sick.

Now named Giuseppe, he has the same defeated look but still has enough strength to avoid an easy rescue. You look at his eyes, his body and know that if he isn’t rescued soon, his days on this earth are limited. So we set a trap.  It took the better part of the day as hunger finally won over any instinct to run. He went into the trap as if saying, “I accept whatever is going to happen to me.”

Both are reunited and safe at Stray Rescue and both have a long road to recovery. They need your help now to pay for their medical care. We, Stray Rescue, will provide the love needed for them to trust humans and see them through their recovery so they can one day be happy and healthy in a home with no starvation or pain.

Right now, your donation will go twice as far! Thanks to seven very generous donors, through the Home for the Holidays Matching Grant, all donations to the Stracks Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000. Please give to the Stracks Fund today  – our emergency medical fund – and help our two new friends have a good, healthy new start for the Holidays.

Love n Woof,
Randy and Donna




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