Jerry Maguire: A Lucky One Out Of Many

We are always up to the challenge of rescuing all those dogs who are sick or injured, no matter how daunting. However, the sheer volume of those in need can be simply staggering, and it's no wonder that the calls reporting strays continue to pour in. In fact, a single unspayed female dog and her offspring can unleash 67,000 pups to the streets in just a six year span. With those numbers in mind, it’s not the dogs that are at the core of the epidemic but rather the people who are supposed to care for them.   

So often when we are out rescuing we ask people from the neighboring houses about particular dogs we see that are obviously neglected and wandering loose. The response is like a record that skips… “That’s my dog” or “That dog belongs to so and so.” Almost always, “so and so” is nowhere to be found and all we see is a gentle dog in grave danger. Such is the case with a particular stretch of neighborhood that we have revisited time and time again. Over the past couple of weeks we have saturated the area, rescuing over twenty dogs. Without a doubt, people who allow their dogs to roam are most certainly big contributors to the stray problem in this area.

One dog we rescued showed clear signs of having been in a rough fight. This handsome boy, whom we would later name Jerry Maguire, was riddled with wounds all over his body. His leg had been seriously injured to the point that he could barely walk. He needed medical attention immediately. This was yet another case where a law abiding and compassionate guardian could have prevented Jerry from enduring such pain.

From people dumping unwanted pets to the discarded lackluster performers from dog fighting rings, it becomes clear why so many strays like Jerry are struggling to survive on the streets. There are far too many people who let their dogs roam here in St. Louis, despite the fact it is illegal. This puts the dog at risk of being stolen, hit by a car, or worse. Believe me, in my years of rescuing I have witnessed things much more terrible than death. For the safety of companion animals, guardians, and fellow citizens, the expectations are clearly stated in the below city ordinance...

Jerry Maguire is safe and on the mend at our shelter, but you can make a difference and help spare incredible animals like him from a similar fate. A simple phone call to our abuse hotline can make a world of a difference to an animal in need. That number is 314.771.6121 ext: 255

Woof, Randy!

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