POP Program (Pick One & Push)

Make a difference, one life at a time...
Stray Rescue’s POP (Pick One & Push) program offers businesses, schools, and community groups an incredibly rewarding way to make a huge difference in the lives of homeless companion animals by finding them loving forever homes. In the POP program, a group is assigned a specific adoptable Stray Rescue dog or cat. The singular goal of the program is for each participating group to take responsibility over their companion animal, using the tools and resources available through the program in order to increase shelter pet adoptions. Not only will you make a difference by ensuring a four-legged friend a life filled with comfort, warmth, and love, but the program also encourages teamwork, advocacy,and communication!

Register your club at homelesspetclubs.org by clicking "START A CLUB".
and choose your club type. Once approved, we will respond right away with
your POP program companion!
PUSH! This is your group’s chance to push your adoptable dog or cat and
find him or her a loving home! We will send you a bio, pictures, and adoption information for you to use in promoting your buddy to the community by using emails, flyers, social media, website postings, newsletters, and more! 
Now for the REALLY fun part! You have worked hard to find your companion a
loving home, and now he or she has been adopted! Remember, helping to get
your POP pet adopted means that our rescuers can take in another companion animal off the streets. Your group will be highlighted on our website and, once 
you’ve reached your goal, we can assign you another homeless pet. Pick One, Push, & Repeat!

Stray Rescue is partnering with Homeless Pet Clubs to make the POP program an even bigger success. Please visit homelesspetclubs.org to sign up today! If you have questions please call Stray Rescue of Saint Louis at 314.771.6121



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