Parachute finds a safe place to land at Stray Rescue

The search was on for a missing child. As the search party went through one abandoned house after another, they were certainly not expecting to find a dog.  But when they did, they contacted Stray Rescue. It’s actually a fairly common call as stray dogs find refuge in these abandoned homes. There are usually old couches, mattresses and clothes left behind for them to use as a comfy place to lay. Once the dogs go in, often they are too scared to make their way back out and down the stairs.

I went in first to see if I could even spot the dog. She was on the second floor lying on a couch cushion.  I went out to get a slip lead and some hot dogs. When I got back to where I had spotted her, she was gone. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but as I got to the top of the steps and rounded the corner, I saw her sitting at the edge of the floor. The entire wall had collapsed. If she took another couple of steps, she would have fallen down to the first floor and landed on all the debris. She was obviously fearful of me, so I had to be very careful not to scare her into going off that edge.


Watch her rescue video here:

She was interested in the hot dogs and would come back a bit to get them but then would go right back by the edge. I had no idea if it would hold both of us, but if I was going to get the lead on her I had to make my way out there. I crept out toward her. It took a few tries, but I was finally able to get the slip lead over her head. Once I did, she walked right with me as though she finally realized I was there to help. She needed some coaxing down the steps to get out, but when she was in the jeep for her freedom ride it was evident how sweet this girl was. She gave me a big hug as a way of saying "thank you" when we got back to the shelter.

Parachute’s rescue was just in time. The buckle of her collar had already started to cut into her skin, and it wouldn’t have been much longer for the rest of the collar to become embedded. Now she is free of that pain and getting treatment for the infection.

Since her arrival at the shelter, she's been nothing but smiles.

You can help Parachute and other dogs like her on the street awaiting their freedom ride. When you give right now, your donation will be MATCHED dollar for dollar with our “No Looking Back” Matching Grant! Thank you for caring about the strays of St. Louis.  Parachute says thank you, too!

Prefer to call with your donation? We're happy to help! Please give us a call between 10am and 7pm  (314) 771-6121

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