Where Are They Now? - Pinky

While out feeding, we spotted what we feared was a dog collapsed in a pile of leaves. As we approached, the dog never moved. As we got closer, we could see this was one that really needed our help, quickly. Pinky was missing hair, and her skin was so infected it was crusty and bleeding. She had that "I'm giving up" look in her eyes that many strays have. She was rushed in for medical treatment. She spent weeks healing at the vet. Pinky caught the eye of one of our fosters and left for what turned out to be her forever home.

Here's what Pinky's adoptive family had to say...

Pinky is doing great. She is almost 8 years old now. She loves her doggie siblings, car rides, treats and bedtime. She also loves to snuggle up to her mommie in bed at night.

I remember first seeing Pinky at the vet. She was crusty, missing a lot of hair, had some open, oozing spots on her. I felt bad for her. I went to the shelter to pick up another foster one day, and Pinky had just been brought over to the shelter and put in with the dog I was going to pick up. Pinky had some open wounds on her, and I found out that the dog I was going to take had gone after Pinky. I decided that day to take Pinky instead and felt bad for her. I got her home and all she wanted to do was rub up against me and be petted. We laughed and had trouble finding spots to pet her that weren't crusty and bloody. She immediately just wanted to be loved. She got along with all of my foster dogs although has proven that she likes to be the top dog. She sleeps in a tshirt. This started because she wanted to snuggle and was all stinky and crusty and continued as her hair came in because it kept some of the hair off of the bed and because she would get so excited when I would get her t-shirt out at night! She is my little princess for sure! Spoiled rotten! The first adoption event I took her to, I kept shoving her under the chair. That's when I knew she was never leaving :)


Thanks to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, Pinky was able to get the top-notch care she needed and go on to live an amazing life filled with fun, comfort, and love. The dogs we rescue are absolutely amazing, going on to sweeten the lives of so many families. Donations to The Stracks Fund are always needed in order to save dogs like Pinky. Please save a life and donate by clicking the icon below...


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