A Breeding Ground For Future Rescued Dogs

There are areas we know all too well - one's that are synonymous with neglected dogs. This is where we found Lizard, who was about half the weight she should be. This is a very rough area in Illinois suspected of dogfighting, where we have rescued many more...

The rescue team was driving by an abandoned house when they saw a puppy who was cleary malnourished and extremely hungry. Though the house next door is occupied, it's a stretch to say that any of the dogs roaming around the property have guardians. In Lizard's case, one young boy was compassionate enough to know he needed help and needed it immediately. The boy said he just wanted to do right by the puppy and for him to have some food.

Scarffing up a bowl of food  in the back of the rescue Jeep, it's as if Lizard knew he would never go hungry again. Another in the long line of rescues that have come from this awful place, which includes Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Hummus, Johanna, and Pineapple. In total we have saved eight dogs from this area, and many more still need our help.

It seems like every time we save a dog from this area, two more pop up on the streets. There are new ones every time we return. This illustrates the incredible importance of spaying and neutering, as well as being a responsible guardian and not letting dogs roam the streets. When we rescued the above dog from the abandoned house, she had alerted us that she was in there by barking. She was chained, unable to go anywhere, and had to walk over the floor - precariously stepping over holes and rotting floorboards. Below is another dog in need who we are currently working on rescuing.

This is far from the only "rescue hot spot," and we are always taking in more just as soon as resources allow. To donate to the care of Lizard and those like him, please click The Stracks Fund button below. Remember, right now your donation will be doubled through St. Louis Blues hockey star Alexander Steen's Matching Grant Challenge.

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