Sien, Safe At Last

If you’ve been around Stray Rescue, sometimes you may hear us refer to the “rescue gods”. With so many companion animals in need, it can be comforting to believe that there is someone watching out for us – directing us to dogs who are waiting to be saved. It seems like that is what happened the first time we saw Sien.

We happened to spot Sien on a side street, so we headed that way to see what kind of shape she was in and feed her. However, when we got close we could see that she had only one ear – and this was not just a bad ear crop job, her ear was completely gone.

It didn’t look like a fresh wound either, and all we could think about was what horrible things this girl had suffered through. She was very untrusting of us and wouldn’t come close. Her hunger kept her from going far as she stood and watched us put food down for her. Like so many other strays, we had to pull away before she felt safe enough to come eat. We saw her for two days in a row and were able to feed her.

At times, gaining trust is a slow, steady process, and you just hope that you will continue seeing the dog as you work towards that day you’re able to rescue her. Sadly, we didn’t see her any more after that, but we kept searching… and hoping…. and then those rescue gods stepped in.

On one recent day, we had spotted a female that looked like she was nursing puppies. While following her around, trying to locate the puppies, we came upon another pack of dogs – one of them looked very familiar. Then we saw the side of her head and realized it was our girl with one ear. We couldn’t believe our eyes!

It was clear we would need to trap her. We came back the next day with a trap and there she was. She seemed to remember the jeep, so she kept her distance. We quickly set up the trap and drove away.

She stood watching warily from an abandoned building further down the street, but she decided to be brave and approach the food we had set up in and around the trap. After waiting for so long, it all came together. She went right up to the trap, started sniffing around it, ate the pieces out front, and then went in. For anyone who has ever trapped a dog, that is the time when you sit patiently, holding your breath, and waiting for them to take just one more small step.

When it finally happens, and you know you have them, you let out a long-overdue sigh of relief. You know they are safe, and that is one of the best feelings we can have. Now Sien is with Stray Rescue; safe after all this time.

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