Ending Animal Abuse Requires A Helping Hand... From You!


Dear Friend,
It’s an overcast afternoon in an area of St. Louis known for gang violence and the shocking mistreatment of man’s best friend, and I am responding to yet another report of animal abuse. Sadly, I see these scenarios all too often. Every time I think I’ve seen the worst I quickly realize that I haven’t, and it breaks my heart. My mind immediately goes to Brownie, the poor dog who was recently burned and died, and I cringe to think what will be next. The reality is that I have been the first responder to these cases at a rapidly increasing rate ever since Stray Rescue played a key role in founding the Mayor Slay Animal Cruelty Task Force. Because these critical cases are on the rise, The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, is always operating in the red. I need your help now. If these abuse cases anger you as much as they do me, make your compassionate voice heard by supporting those who need medical care.

There is a silver lining though, and hope burns eternal. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the formation of the Task Force, I’m reminded that the dream I had for so long has finally become a reality.I remember when I used to rescue these abandoned, awfully abused dogs and had no recourse. There was nobody to call, no way to hold these criminals accountable. I was alone. I know you’ve probably heard about the correlation between animal abuse and violent crimes. Well, it’s true, but we are now making a profound difference in our community and making the streets safer for both our two and four-legged neighbors. In less than a year over 125 cases have been investigated, over 26 arrests have been made, over 300 animal control citations have been issued, and hundreds of severely abused and neglected dogs have had renewed life breathed into them. These cases would never have even been investigated a year ago, so we’re definitely on the right track.

And it’s hard to forget about the recent rescue of Goggles, one of the most gentle dogs who I found skittishly roaming around, terrified, with her right eye bulging out. The amazing staff at our in-house veterinary and trauma center said it was likely that this poor girl was on the receiving end of very severe trauma to the head. Because of The Stracks Fund, Goggles was able to get help fast and make a full recovery. Her story symbolizes the stories of so many others; dogs who were once in homes but abandoned to the unforgiving streets. Nothing in life is as rewarding to me as seeing these guys make full recoveries and go on to enrich the lives of adopters.

For every dog like Goggles in St. Louis, there are at least ten more out on the streets in search of a full belly, a comfortable place to sleep, and relief from pain. While we do everything we can, rescuing nearly seven days a week and encountering such critical cases takes a serious toll. I am asking for your help to replenish The Stracks Fund today, so we can keep this great momentum and continue getting all those in need off of the streets and into a safe haven. Lets stop animal abuse together and make it a brighter future for our beloved companion animals. Join me in the fight by clicking on The Stracks Fund icon below.

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