Welcome Home - Nels

“Beth and I can honestly tell you that adopting Nels; i.e. (Lord Stanley Nelson); has been one of the most enriching, joyous, and absolutely awesome life experiences that we’ve had the pleasure to share!

We thought we were mainly “cat people.” Beth and I both have had Dogs in our earlier years growing up, but when I saw Nels on Stray Rescue’s Adoption pages last Summer (I was “just looking” mind you), I noticed something looked different with his photo. Then, when I read his story and found out he was blind, I was immediately drawn to him because we have a few special needs cats (one completely blind and one with only one eye). So, Beth and I knew we were ready to add a blind dog to our Feline Family!

When I showed Beth Nels’ photo, she almost immediately said, “so, when do you want to get get him?” I didn’t hesitate to go on-line to fill out the adoption application.

Since Memorial Weekend of last year, when we drove out to St. Louis to pick “our boy” up, Beth and I have been so extremely happy, blessed and sort of surprised as to how excellent Nels has settled in with our Feline family. He has made an amazing transition by finding his way around our house, going up and down the stairs, and finding the cats' kibble food.  Nels loves to try to chase our kitties. When they jump up on the table or furniture, you can hear him whimper as he doesn’t know they are not on the floor anymore because he tries to find them by their smell.  It’s so funny to watch him and gives us a warm feeling inside to see him playing with his feline siblings!

Almost daily, Beth and I look at each other and are so amazed at what an intelligent and happy boy, Nels is, we are so very Happy to give him his Forever Home!

We thank God for Randy and his awesome team at Stray rescue for rescuing Nels and bringing him to our attention. We can’t thank them enough or explain how much happiness and love he brings to our lives “every day”!”

- Joanne and Beth, Nel's adopters

The Welcome Home segment is all about showcasing the amazing transformation that occurs when a companion animal is adopted and brought into a loving home. Not only do we enrich their lives, but they also enrich our own lives and the lives of our families beyond measure. There are countless heartwarming stories to tell, and we want the whole world to know just how much better life can be with an adopted dog or cat by your side.

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