Welcome Home-Beaker

Beaker. Mr. B! Beakinator. He's got lots of names to go with all of his personality. This big knucklehead came into our lives a little over a year ago. My husband (Mike) and I had been volunteering at SR for about a year. After we lost our old dog Jack, I wanted to join the enrichment team. My very first buddy was Beaker. 

I had seen him at the shelter. Walked past his apartment several times but never approached him. He was a "red collar" boy and he didn't seem interested in having any visitors. But he became my partner in crime for July 2014. We had a few kinks to work out and with the help of another volunteer/staff member, Annie, he and I learned how to work well together. One day after our adventures in the park, he fell asleep on my lap in the car. This is when I fell in love and when I knew he really trusted me. 

We set up a meet and greet with Beaker and our other dog Lucy. For a dog who struggled with social skills with other dogs and people, Beaker knocked this intro out of the park! He instantly fell in love with Lucy girl. I called my husband and we took Beaker home that night. In the short time Lucy and Beaker were together, she taught him how to love, how to play with toys, how to trust his humans, and so much more. She helped make him the dog he is today. 

We have faced lots of changes over the last few months. Our Lucy girl passed away a few months ago from cancer. Losing her was so tough on all of us...especially Beaker. Later we received orders to move to Hawaii. We figured it would be a great new fresh start for all of us. We decided to make a cross-country drive from Illinois to California. Beaker loved every single minute of it. He got to hike in the desert and the mountains. He got to swim in Lake Tahoe and on various beaches along the way. The big guy is now known as "adventure dog" and it is the perfect nickname. He loves adventure time! His smile is the biggest, best, and most beautiful smile in the world. We are now settling into life on the island. B loves his adventures here. 

It hasn't always been easy but with lots of love, patience, and help from friends and trainers (Jonathan Offi and the Well Behaved Pet), we have the most amazing dog in Beaker! Our family would not be complete without the big guy. He melts our hearts every single day. 

Welcome home, Beaker! 

Mike and Sarah, Beakers adopters


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