Welcome Home-Coraline & Chuckles


After showing my husband a video of Randy Grim rescuing babies off the streets, he was very interested in rescuing Chuckles.
Turns out, my husband used to take his boxer to Randy for grooming years ago.
I am so thankful that we adopted Chuckles, now Bear, about 6 years ago.
Bear has been a blessing to our family.
Bear is a loving, caring boy that just wants to please.
He tries to act like he isn't afraid, but just let the rain start and he is in our bed.  ;-)
I fell in love with Coraline, now Pig, from the Stray Rescue St. Louis website.
I just felt that we could be that forever home for such a precious baby.
Once I read that she was deaf, we were all in!
We knew that we could help her learn and grow.
We have had Pig for 5 years now.
We have taught Pig sign language and some agility training.
Bear has helped her and she has helped him.
I just want everyone to know that Pitbulls are an excellent family member.
God Bless everyone that loves this breed.
We will be rescuing babies the rest of our lives.

Thank you again, to everyone at Stray Rescue St. Louis!
May you all be blessed for your hard work for these babies.

Randy, Donna, Peggy, Alexis and all of your helpers - you are all Angels that have a special place in Heaven.

Thank you for saving our babies!
Jessica and Charlie James

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