Welcome Home-Krusty the Clown

Krusty has come a long way since his days on the street.  When I first adopted him, he was such a sweet little pup with lots to learn about living in a house.  In his first few months home, he chewed through a few leashes and a lot of Christmas decorations, and he marked his territory on a fake indoor plant.  He wasn’t great at playing with dog toys and didn’t understand when other dogs didn’t like the way he played.  But after a few months, he stopped chewing and was much better at playing with other dogs.  He acts like a puppy with his toys and gets them all out until he finds the one he wants.  He loves to play keep away and tug of war but has no interest in playing fetch.  However, if he is at the dog park and the other dogs are playing fetch, he loves to chase the dogs that are chasing the ball - it makes for quite a game.. all of the dogs are confused.  If we are home and he wants to play, he throws his toys at me to get my attention.

Right from the beginning, I noticed that he was gentle around all people and wasn't afraid of kids or toddlers. At the CHAMP therapy dog evaluations, he passed the obedience test and then got an excellent score on the personality test.  During his CHAMP classes, we used treats as a motivator for some of the exercises.  Buddha is not too motivated by food, unless it is donuts or cheese, so he lost interest pretty quickly in his dog treats.  In order to keep his attention during the class exercises I used his dog toys, which worked very well!  He loved going to the classes, and seeing the other dogs and people, and now he loves getting to visit people as a CHAMP therapy dog!

Krusty is extremely social and loves going anywhere he can.  Last fall, we took a road trip to Nantucket.  He liked the ferry over to the island and got lots of wonderful attention from the kids in the family we were staying with.  He celebrated his 6th birthday by visiting the beach for the first time, (which he loved- mostly because he was able to run free and made lots of dog friends).  However, he did not try to go into the water - he has a fear or dislike of all water.

He still acts like he recognizes the name Krusty, and looks the same when he eats food as he does in his Stray Rescue picture.  Thank you to everyone at Stray Rescue for giving Buddha (his new name) another chance at life.  He loves everything about it - going to the dog park, the kennel, the vet (mostly because there is a bird in the lobby), going to dog friends’ houses and playing with their toys, and going for long walks.  And I absolutely love having him as part of my family! Thank you Stray Rescue!

-Bonnie, Krusty's adopter


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