Welcome Home-Kukla

Kukla spent the first year or so of her life living on the street. She had her brother and sister, but that was it. She slept on trash bags on the porches of abandoned houses, constantly looking for her next meal, and she had multiple litters of puppies. Finally, it was her turn to be rescued. Kukla and her sister, Fran, were rescued the same day. That left her brother Ollie by himself, but only for a couple days before he took his freedom ride too.

Kukla is part of a family now. She has a couch to sleep on, a bathtub to hide in when it storms, siblings to keep her company and plenty of food and treats. In fact, every night at feeding time she does the cutest dance and spins until I set her food down. Kukla still gets scared by new things sometimes, but she knows where she is safe - at home with her family.

-Donna, Kukla's adopter


The Welcome Home segment is all about showcasing the amazing transformation that occurs when a companion animal is adopted and brought into a loving home. Not only do we enrich their lives, but they also enrich our own lives and the lives of our families beyond measure. There are countless heartwarming stories to tell, and we want the whole world to know just how much better life can be with an adopted dog or cat by your side.

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