Where Are They Now? - Mikki

A Good Samaritan called Stray Rescue about a small dog sitting beneath a tree in Carondelet Park. Her face was bleeding and she was missing hair. When we arrived, we found this tiny little girl, laying by the tree. Her skin was infected and had split open and was bleeding. Mikki's skin healed over time and her spunky, happy personality helped her find her forever family.

Here is what Mikki's adoptive family had to say.....

Mikki is a wonderful dog!  (She is lying next to me as I write this.)  We adopted Mikki a few months after losing a dog we’d had for 16 years.  We were unsure if we wanted another dog in our family, but when I saw Mikki--tiny & suffering with mange-- I knew she was the dog for us.  She is now 6 years old, and is very energetic and playful.  She loves to go for long walks with me and chases as many bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks as she can.  Mikki is a constant companion now that I have retired.  Where ever I am in the house, she is right there too.  She greets me at the door when I come home from running errands.  She loves people and will give them plenty of tail wags and kisses.  She is especially attentive to our 4 grandchildren.  I am so glad Stray Rescue found her and that we were able to adopt her.  


Thanks to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, Mikki was able to get the top-notch care he needed and go on to live an amazing life filled with fun, comfort, and love. The dogs we rescue are absolutely amazing, going on to sweeten the lives of so many families. Donations to The Stracks Fund are always needed in order to save dogs like Mikki. Please save a life and donate by clicking the icon below...



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