Welcome Home-Nova Scotia

I still remember the day she came home when we agreed to foster her, sniffing every inch of our house. I used to be scared of dogs and my boyfriend (now husband) insisted we get her home, the first day we laid eyes on her. That decision has proven to be one of our best decisions so far.

She is beautiful, naughty, amazing with kids and loves her treats. Nova definitely has a charming personality of her own, as she insists on choosing her friends and also loves her alone time. She’s happiest outdoors and totally loves attention. She loves her toys but is picky about her favorites, being the ones she can tear easily. She is extremely affectionate and social causing many of my friends to turn from from being scared of dogs to passionate dog lovers.

We chose to return to India after our education in the US. The thought of leaving her behind was too much to endure and we decided to adopt her and take her with us. In fact, she was a crucial factor that clearly defined the set of countries we would want to settle in. She has a huge part to play in Shahswat’s professional career as well given that he spends quite some time discussing his research ideas and teaching presentations with Nova. She probably knows more about his work life than me.

Initially, we were a little apprehensive whether she would adjust to the climate or the atmosphere in India, but I think we took more time in adjusting to life here than Nova. In fact she loves Indian food. On arrival in India, she was euphoric from Day 1. She has travelled by train, flight and has warmed up to auto-rickshaws and scooters (she was shocked to see them first). She enjoys the company of our friends and is a proud mascot of the pitbull terrier clan. She has a spot on the couch (usually the best one) and is badly pampered by one and all who have been fortunate enough to come in contact with her. She likes visiting her grandparents and often gets her way with them with her cute little antics (a charmer indeed!). We can possibly proudly call Nova, Stray Rescue’s first international jet setting dog as she is in India now.

Nova Scotia Alok has helped us become better persons as well. It is because of her that we try to help needy stray dogs and other animals in India.  We love our baby. Thank you stray rescue for one of the most precious part of our lives.

-The Alok Family, Nova Scotia's adopter

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