Welcome Home-Oakheart

We brought Oakheart (now known as Tucker) home on February 6, 2015.  We have a Puggle that is 8 years old and went blind 3 years ago.  Since she lost her sight, we have thought about adopting another dog to help her and hopefully give her some life back.  We actually went to Stray Rescue several months before, but did not move forward with an adoption.  Our biggest concern was making sure that another dog was a good fit with Paisley (our Puggle).  After meeting Oakheart and seeing him and Paisley interact, we were ready to adopt him. 

Oakheart definitely needed to gain some weight when we brought him home.  He was on a special diet for the first month and was able to gain all the weight needed and looks great now. 

Oakheart is so full of life!  He has so much energy and is always ready to play.  He loves playing with his ball and other toys.  A normal night consists of Oakheart and Paisley laying on the living room floor chewing on their nylabones.  (Yes, he has definitely given Paisley much more life than pre-Oakheart.)  Just like he would never turn down a chance to play, he would not turn down a chance to show you some love.  He is so lovey and full of kisses.  He's always ready to cuddle at the end of the night, too. 

Oakheart is a favorite at day camp. The staff loves him, and anywhere he goes he is sure to get a compliment on his good looks. 

He loves his people, toys, other dogs, being outside, going to camp and just about anything....except car rides and bath time.  He is getting better with those though! 

Oakheart (and his family) are so very thankful to Stray Rescue for saving him and giving us the opportunity to have him as our addition to our family.  Oakheart's love for Stray Rescue is evident by his excitement when we come back to the shelter for classes and having to almost be carried out to leave.  Life is definitely different by adding a high energy dog to our house, but we wouldn't have it any other way now!  And that smile....who cannot fall in love with that?

-The Wirth family, Oakheart's adopters


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