Welcome Home-Wonka

Here I am!  I'm Wonka!  My Mom says I add a lot of PHIZAZZ to her life.  Don't know what that means but I have a good time here.  I have three brothers and sisters that I spend time with.  We swap rawhide bones, flip chips, toys and Mom's bed.  We get to go outside every couple of hours to nose around the backyard, do zoomies and watch the birds.  I like doing my zoomies in the house.  Boy I go really fast, then jump on Mom's bed.  Before you know it, the sheets are entwined and I'm pooped.

Mom thinks it is cute when I do my little circus dance and jig.  She's never seen a dog go back and forth like I do.  I love my Mom cause she lets me sleep right next to her in bed at nighttime.  I guess I'm afraid she'll leave me, but she always comes back to bed, I won't let her go.  I used to nip my Mom a little, but not anymore.  I let her hold me and love on me.  She tells me what a good boy I am.  She wakes me up very gently in the morning time and lets me snooze a little longer if I want.

One of my favorite toys is the rubber starfish with the squeaker.  Just haven't figured out how to remove the squeaker yet.  I like the 3-squirrel tree so I can the pull them out of the tree and squeak them.  I like the platypus and three eggs and the pig, and tyrannosaurus rex too.  They are not all my toys but we share them.  We have several balls to play with.  I like the soft balls that I can shake slowly from side to side with my teeth.

Mom doesn’t feed us T-bones but we all get two nice meals a day, clean fresh water and occasional treats.  I guess I'll stay here a while.  I did give Mom a very nice present after I had been here a few months.  We were in the basement and lo and behold, the perfect present.  I made sure I had her attention, then very delicately placed the present at her feet.  My present to her was a dead mouse.  It was such a nice gift to thank her for letting me stay here.  She picked it up with a tissue and put into the lint bag, said something about pesticides.  I don't think I'll ever give her a present like that again.  Come and visit my family and me sometime. 

-Vera, Wonka's adopter


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