Where Are They Now? - Dakari

When Dakari came to Stray Rescue her skin was inflamed from mange. She was crusty, pink and her skin felt like it was on fire.  And even though she was still a young pup, someone had already cropped her ears.She would have months of healing ahead, but thankfully it didn't take her that long to find her forever home.

Here's what Dakari's adoptive family had to say...

Dakari, now known as Gabby, gave her adopters a huge challenge with getting her skin issues comfortable and under control. Many vet visits and lots of medication later, Gabby is now ready to model her good looks and make public appearances with her extensive collection of pretty collars.Gabby isn’t just a fashionista though, her lifestyle is not for the faint of heart and includes daily activities like hours of swimming, ball fetching and dock diving. Gabby can be equally as lazy as she is active. When not in the water or running in the field, She can be found curled on a vacant lap or on top of a perfectly fluffed blanket. Expectations are certainly high, with frequent demands for truck rides, trips to Petsmart so she can flirt with the staff and a stop for a bite to eat no matter if it is a burger or ice cream.

Thanks to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, Dakari was able to get the top-notch care he needed and go on to live an amazing life filled with fun, comfort, and love. The dogs we rescue are absolutely amazing, going on to sweeten the lives of so many families. Donations to The Stracks Fund are always needed in order to save dogs like Dakari. Please save a life and donate by clicking the icon below...



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