Where Are They Now? - Jimmy K

Jimmy K was hobbling down a sidewalk when the police officer spotted him. He was dragging a cable, but someone had also twisted a wire around his ankle and his foot was swollen 3 times its normal size. We got the call and rushed to rescue him. When we got out of the car to get him, Jimmy K came right up, tail wagging. I guess he knew this was his lucky day. The vets were not sure if Jimmy's leg could be saved, but they gave it a chance to heal and see how he did walking. Sadly after a couple of weeks, we could tell that he didn't have feeling in the foot and he would scrape it when he walked. It was creating more issues with his toes, so the decision was made to amputate his leg. But through everything, Jimmy K never stopped wagging his tail. He is the happiest boy! Jimmy K found his forever family and has even more reason to keep that taill wagging now.

Here's what the adoptive family has to say about Jimmy K, now Rory....

We had entertained the idea of adopting a third dog for quite some time. Considering the fact that we are huge dog lovers is only part of the reason we wanted to expand our family. Our oldest dog is fifteen and his time left here on earth seems to be winding down. Our now middle dog is practically attached to his hip and we have a feeling she won't take his death well; so we decided that having the presence of another companion might assist in easing the grief that awaits us all.  

Enter Jimmy K, (who now goes by the name Rory). I was browsing Facebook one afternoon when I spotted his recovery story. Seeing what he had been through broke my heart and inspired me. Reading about where he came from and seeing the pictures of his condition tugged at my heartstrings. The fact that this boy could face such senseless torture at the hand of man, and then for him to turn around and willingly lick the faces of those that rescued him speaks volumes for why dogs are some of the most amazing creatures on this earth. Rory is no exception to this amazement. His ability to forgive those that wronged him is admirable.

I quickly forwarded the information about Rory to my husband, and we both agreed that we wanted to give this boy a place in our home and our hearts. When we met him we recognized a kind gentleness in his eyes that we've grown to admire in many dogs that we have had over the years. His loving and playful disposition won us over right away. We cannot express enough how truly grateful we are for the loving home his foster mom Emily provided him with, she really put him off to a great start to his new life. 

Rory has been with us for two weeks now, and is currently undergoing heart worm treatment. It has been a rather smooth adjustment, (although he still doesn't understand he can't play rough with the cat). He gets along really well with our other two dogs, and he really wants to play with the middle dog but he can't right now due to exercise restriction. Luckily, he's completely content either snuggling up with us to take a nap, or lounging around gnawing on his antler. 

We are looking forward to him being heartworm free so we can go for long walks and even some hikes here and there. He is a very loving boy, an incredibly fast learner, and his love of people has us interested in potentially having him trained to be a therapy dog in the near future. We feel so lucky to have found him, and we are thrilled to have him as a part of our family. We are so thankful for everything Stray Rescue has done for him, and continues to do for him!


Thanks to The Stracks Fund, our emergency medical fund, Jimmy K (Rory) was able to get the top-notch care he needed and go on to live an amazing life filled with fun, comfort, and love. The dogs we rescue are absolutely amazing, going on to sweeten the lives of so many families. Donations to The Stracks Fund are always needed in order to save dogs like Jimmy K. Please save a life and donate by clicking the icon below...




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