A Day Of Emergency Winter Rescues: Over 20 Dogs Off The Freezing Streets

Over 20 homeless dogs are off the frigid streets today, as our rescue team was operating in emergency mode during this harsh winter weather. Plummeting temperatures, snow, and ice can quickly become fatal for abandoned companion animals. Thankfully, dozens of dogs are now off the streets and in warm, loving environments. We will continue to rescue as many as we can. You can make an immediate, direct impact by donating to the Stracks Fund today to help with emergency medical care for those we are able to get. Every bit counts. To donate, please click the icon below.

Below are videos and photos from today's winter rescues.
Please remember to keep your four-legged friends indoors where it is safe and warm!

Stray Rescue saves strays AND sedans! That's Tracy on the right, one of our staff members from the training/enrichment department, coming to the rescue!


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