Companion Animals for Adoption

On average, Stray Rescue has over 200 dogs and 100 cats on any given day that are looking for a loving home. If you don't see a dog or cat of interest, please fill out and submit an adoption application and tell us what type of dog or cat that you desire. There is no obligation and someone will contact to let you know if we have a pet for you to consider that is not currently on listed on our website. Stray Rescue foster parents and volunteers take dogs to 8-10 adoption events each month. Please check out our event calendar to see where our next adoption event is located. Thank you.

sort icon Breed Gender Age Status
Alabaster Terrier mix Male 3 years Available for adoption
Alex Steen Terrier mix Male 4 years 8 months Available for adoption
Alice Shepherd mix Female 6 1/2 years Available for adoption
Anakin Terrier mix Male 2 years Adopted!
Andy Williams Terrier mix Male 5 years Available for adoption
Arco Terrier mix Male 3 1/2 years Available for adoption
Astaire C Lab/Terrier mix Male 7 months Adopted!
Astro C Boxer/Lab mix Male 4 years Adopted!
Aura Terrier mix Female 4 1/2 years Available for adoption
Babe Terrier mix Female 3 years Available for adoption
Ballerina Terrier mix Female 2 years Available for adoption
Bench Press Terrier mix Male 13 weeks (as of 2.3.17) Adopted!
Beyonce Terrier mix Female 5 years Adopted!
Billy Bob Terrier mix Male 5 1/2 years Available for adoption
Blackberry Pie Terrier mix Male 9 weeks (dob 12/6/2016) Adoption Pending
Bob Seger Terrier mix Male 8 years Available for adoption
Bravo Lab mix Male 6 months Adopted!
Brewski Rottweiler mix Male 7 years Available for adoption
Buster McGee Boxer mix Male 1 year 7 months Available for adoption
Caldwell Terrier mix Male 2 years Available for adoption

Our Adoption Programs

Stray Rescue is pleased to offer several different adoption programs for our country's veterans, senior citizens, service/therapy dogs, and search and retrieval needs. Please click on the link(s) below for more information about these amazing programs! For questions or inquiries about qualifying dogs, please email Valerie