When Pigs Fly:The Rescue Of Arnold!


After reading a stray report that says, “Stray pig running the city streets,” I thought it was just a typo. They meant “pit” instead of “pig.” Well, it was no typo! Being a city boy all my life, I had to channel my inner Old McDonald.  So we pull up, and a very sweet woman escorted me to her back yard where she was able to contain Arnold (Think Green Acres). I look up on her porch and there he sat! I began to giggle as the words “here piggy piggy” came out of mouth and then hid my hot dogs.


Arnold isn’t your run of the mill pig! He immediately wanted to be loved on, and I found out quickly he loves the chocolate candy Whoppers. Gentle, sweet, smart Arnold loves a good belly rub. Donna and I had no choice but to do pig selfies and come up with a plan to get him in my Jeep.

He was all “Hell No!” when I tried to leash him and gave me a snort of unhappiness. I knew what I was going to have to do…..pick the piggy up and carry him. I now know where the term, “squeal like a pig” comes from, and believe me – it is LOUD. I picked up his heavy body and ran while he squealed a deafening screech. The funny thing is that when the second all four of his…paws…hooves…feet??? Not sure what to call them, were safely planted in the Jeep, he went back to being my peanut-butter-and- jelly-sandwich-eating friend.

Arnold is a very large Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig. My hunch is he was kicked to the curb for getting too big. He is definitely domesticated and would love a home to live in. Arnold is a shelter favorite – a superstar of sorts – and is much loved at the shelter. 
People need to think and be responsible when getting a pet – any pet – and that includes pigs. Dumping them on the city streets is just plain cruel! At Stray Rescue, our motto is Leave No Dog Behind. Today it is “leave no pig behind.”
We can always use your support to continue rescuing the strays from the street, so please donate today.

Oink Oink!! Randy and Donna

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