Finally a Very Happy New Year for Asha and Her Pups!

It breaks my heart everyday to see dogs trying to survive in the harsh weather and bitterly cold temperatures. It’s even harder to see mama dogs having litter after litter of puppies – doing her best to care for and protect them in the worst kind of environments. For the last several years, that’s been the case with Asha. We have been able to rescue her puppies over the years, but she has always eluded us. We would see her, and then she’d disappear for awhile.

It was the last day of the year. New Year’s Eve, 2014. The temperatures didn’t rise above 20 degrees, and the stinging wind made it feel even more frigid. We hadn’t seen her in awhile, but Asha finally resurfaced. We knew she had another litter, and this time she was taking refuge in a large shed.

When we got there, we could hear barking inside. We quickly set up the trap using cheeseburgers, hoping and praying to the Rescue Gods that she’d be hungry enough to finally take that leap of faith. Finally, we saw the door close, and we knew we had her! We still had to somehow get inside that shed and find her babies, though.  The only entryway was a narrow crawl space that only Houdini could maneuver into. Petite Donna made herself even smaller and folded herself through the tiny crawl space into the cold, dusty darkness. Finally, in the very back corner under some equipment were three chubby puppies. Mama had once again done a great job with them.

Donna handed the three two-week-old puppies out to Aimee one by one. Relief flooded over us knowing that Asha was finally safe and would never have to give birth again! 

We put together a collage of Asha’s plight over the years. As you can see, this is why her rescue is such a special and important one for us.

Happy New Year to mama Asha and her three boys named Dagny, Neo and Gennaro! Nothing but love, comfort and warmth for them from here on out!

You can have a direct impact in helping us save even more lives in 2015 and ensuring happy endings for dogs like Asha and her puppies. Please donate today!

Love and woof, Randy, Donna, Aimee, Jenny J.

Asha'a 4 year plight collage!


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