Trapped No More – The Rescue of Athens and Adonis

When we get a call about an emaciated dog, we never know what to expect. Sometimes that means that the dog’s ribs are showing, and other times they’re walking skeletons. We received a call like this today and were also told that there was another dog with her who wouldn’t leave her side. And, they were in an abandoned house. So off we went with hot dogs in hand, unsure of what to expect.

We pulled up to the hellhole of a house and navigated through the overgrown brush and trash strewn on the front porch only to discover the door was tightly locked. These dogs were intentionally locked away in this house to die or were being stashed for some other reason that I shudder to even think about. Tragically, and for reasons that I have never been able to comprehend, it’s very common for people to do this; we see it all the time. What I do understand is that it’s a slow and painful death, and it’s a form of animal abuse.

We were greeted with terrified barks from the scared occupants on the other side of the door, so I talked gently to try and calm them down. The door wouldn’t budge, so I sent Aimee back to the jeep to grab some tools. Anything to help us get in that house, because I wasn’t leaving without those dogs.

Looking for another way in, I worked my way through the urban jungle to the back of the house and found a window that I could crawl through. Using the available trash in the yard, I busted through the glass in the window. It would take some maneuvering to crawl in, but I was determined. Once inside, a starving dog ran up to me, her hunger overtaking her fear, as I gave her the hot dogs to gain her trust. She scarfed them down long enough for me to get the slip lead around her skinny neck.

Her friend then came up to me, also unsure whether or not to trust. He quickly decided I was one of the good guys, and gave me thank you kisses which melted my heart. We had them, but now we had to somehow get them out of that death trap house!

I handed the emaciated dog – now named Athens – out to Aimee first, knowing she wouldn’t weigh much. Her boyfriend – christened Adonis – was next. Once outside and in the safety of the jeep, it was clear both dogs knew their struggle was finally over, and they were off to a better place.  

Athens and Adonis will now be surrounded by love, comfort and affection at Stray Rescue. They’ll never have to worry about scavenging for their next meal or being locked away in a terrifying, vacant house. By donating to Stray Rescue, you make it possible for us to save these deserving souls and help them on their road to recovery and their forever home. Please donate what you can today so we can save more lives tomorrow! Unfortunately Stray Rescue is always in need of funding.

Love and woof,

Randy and Aimee

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