Burle's Heroes: The Cops Save The Day

Usually when I see yellow crime scene tape, police cars and a dog I get anxious. But this time I couldn’t stop smiling. An elusive boney black dog has been eluding us for days. The calls kept coming in; we kept going out, but we never saw her. Today our luck finally changed! The men and women in blue just earned their honorary Stray Rescue Rescuer’s Badge.

Heading to the corner of Natural Bridge and Salisbury, Andrea and I were looking for our mysterious girl. Out of the corner of our eyes we saw multiple police, and I said to Andrea, “Do you think that’s her?” We pulled into the alleyway and were shocked at what we saw. Quick thinking police officers who had chased her down, cornered her and used crime tape as a leash! I jumped out of the jeep, and they were thrilled to see us.

With enthusiasm, Officer Burle detailed the chase and how having beef jerky on hand saved his namesake, Burle, from getting hit by an 18 wheeler! You could tell all the officers worked as a team to save this one dog. How impressive is that? They are all Burle’s heroes.

With a cute under bite and scared at first, Burle sat in the back of the jeep for her freedom ride. We could tell how skinny she really was, and someone had cut off her tail to boot.

Burle was taking it all in on the ride; I saw the trust in her eyes return from what minutes ago was fear . Her bad days of starving on the mean streets are now over.

Thank you to all the police officers who cared enough to make sure she was safe and rescued. Now in the sheltering arms of Stray Rescue, it is time to heal her physical and emotional wounds. That is where you come in. Please make a lifesaving gift today so dogs like Burle can have a chance at a happy life tomorrow. Thanks for caring!

Love and Woof,

Randy, Andrea and the Cops

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