Death Chains: Rescue of Buster McGee (Graphic Images)

How Buster McGee Saved Me

On the heels of receiving the news that the Brownie case was being dropped, ( I have to admit I was feeling on the numb side.  Every emotion from anger to just sheer heartbreak overcame me and I asked myself if I could take seeing and dealing with another abuse case anymore.  As those thoughts occupied my brain while eating and discussing the Brownie details over lunch with Aimee, the call came to save yet another tortured soul. Off we went.

We approached a Good Samaritan sitting on the sidewalk with a beautiful white dog, and I could see his tail wag from a distance. Then I saw the sickening thick chain that was his cross to bear.  I detest chains.

Upon closer inspection, the foul smell of infection permeated the air; I lifted up his head and could see the horror of the embedded chain in his neck. Despite the excruciating pain he was feeling, his tail continued to wag.  At that moment, it hit me fast and hard why I won’t stop fighting for these guys – he was tortured with this chain due to no fault of his own, has a deadly infection at the hands of man and what does he do? He wags his tail and gives me a kiss of thanks.  How can we look away? How can we not care? I do! We do!

You would think embedded chains and collars where uncommon, but unfortunately they are not. We see it all the time, and what kills me is that it’s the EASIEST thing to prevent. Loosen the collar….period.  But instead, needless suffering happens.

Back at our trauma center, we get the chains off and get more kisses.  He will heal, and in an odd way he helped me heal that day. Thank you, Buster McGee, for reminding me to never give up.

Please donate to our emergency medical fund – the Stracks Fund – to help with Buster McGee’s medical care. Your donation will provide us with the much needed financial resources necessary to help save these deserving animals. Please donate today, and save a life!  

Thanks and woof,

Randy , Aimee and the Good Samaritan, Kathy.

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