Faces of Abuse: Chained

It’s time to break this chain of abuse and end the needless suffering and sometimes death.  I have seen chains on dogs that could tow a house to dogs that were so entangled that they choke to death. Unfortunately, this practice is common in our city and has become almost an epidemic.

I remember the special rescue of Stockard Chaining. Read her story here. I went through hell trying to free here.  The bright spot of her story was how grateful she was to be free of her shackles.

In addition to the psychological damage wrought by continuous chaining, dogs forced to live on a chain make easy targets for other animals, humans, and biting insects. A chained animal may suffer harassment and teasing from insensitive humans, stinging bites from insects, and, in the worst cases, attacks by other animals. Chained dogs are also easy targets for thieves looking to steal animals for sale to research institutions or to be used as training fodder for organized animal fights. Finally, dogs that are tethered can become entangled with other objects, which can choke or strangle the dogs to death.

Rarely does a chained or tethered dog receive sufficient care. Chained dogs suffer from sporadic feedings, overturned water bowls, inadequate veterinary care, and extreme temperatures. During snow storms, these dogs often have no access to shelter. During periods of extreme heat, they may not receive adequate water or protection from the sun. What's more, because their often neurotic behavior makes them difficult to approach, chained dogs are rarely given even minimal affection. Tethered dogs may become "part of the scenery" and can be easily ignored by their owners, which is usually the norm.

St. Louis does have a chaining law that Stray Rescue worked to get passed, and you can read about the law here: Chaining Ordinance

Now I need you to help me break the links of these horrific chains and donate to our Sidney Strum Animal Abuse fund. Together we can break the chains of abuse to provide freedom, love and comfort for these deserving dogs who only want to give love and have a family of their own.

Love and Woof, Randy



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