Fight Like Champ: The entire video with never before seen footage!


What Makes A Champion?

All of us!

I rescue so many of the forgotten souls dying on our streets. Every last one of them have a special place in my heart.Once in a while comes a rescue that rips my heart into pieces as if it was tossed in a blender and set on puree. While the dog heals so does my shattered heart. That is the case with Champ and what an emotional journey it has been for us both. 

From death's door to snuggling in my arms, this miracle dog is on a bright road to a full recovery. The people who came to his aid with donations, prayers and gifts touched us all. To the amazing medical team who never gave up on him, we both are forever grateful. We all never gave up on him, and that is why he is alive today! Social media, you made his story be heard by half a million people. That means love touched so many by one dog's plight.

Now without further ado here is the entire rescue and even footage of Champ today. Enjoy, be inspired, and know you helped make a difference. And don’t forget to get your 'Fight like Champ' tee shirt available for only 2 more weeks (and help more dogs like him).


We all need to be the champions of the vulnerable for they cannot win without us.


Randy takes Champ camping:


Champ is adopted! Follow him on Facebook! 9/12/2016


Love and Woof
Randy and Champ


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