Chiquita And Her Pup Banana: Amazing Mom cares for pup even after being shot!

After just rescuing one thankful stray, I had that familiar gut feeling to head down this trash-ridden alley. So we did. Almost as quickly as I told Jenny about my hunch, this mangy little dog appeared from the alley rubble. I did my usual hotdog offerings as she barked at me with distrust. She gobbled them down and then ran off into the urban wilderness.



Seeing that she had teats with milk, I knew where she was headed so I followed her and climbed through a brush opening. The first thing I saw once I got through the clearing was a row of dilapidated dog houses that once held some poor souls prisoner. Then I heard the protective barking of the mangy girl.  I sat down with her and began using my “street-wise” trust building. As I looked down a stair well, I saw the baby she was protecting - the sole survivor or maybe even the only pup because of the mom’s smaller size.


With mom turning from foe to friend I was able to see the gruesome shape she really was in. Gunshot wound to the side and a mangy body with sores. After I picked her up and Jenny grabbed her pup, I told her what I tell all the strays, “Your bad days are over.”  I christened her “Chiquita” and the pup “Banana.”

I am always amazed how loving the street dogs are once they know you are there to help them. Now I am asking you to help me end the bad days of the abused survivors like Chiquita and donate to our Sidney Strum Animal Abuse fund today. Let’s work together and leave no dog behind!

Love and woof. Randy



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