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Lets stop animal abuse in its' tracks!


The north side can be a very tough place to live for both people and dogs.  Recently two abuse cases have happened just miles apart, both small dogs. Mo, the Yorkie, was pretty much DOA on arrival but the awesome Dr. J brought the lil pup back to life.  Josie has gashes and wounds so thick and deep she is ravished with infection. I know the pictures are tough to look at but it is the reality we face daily here at Stray Rescue.


How you can help is to

·         Report animal abuse in your community, document it with photos/videos

·         Donate using  the paypal feature so we can continue to heal these wounded canines

·         Volunteer or foster and help be part of the solution

It can change but only if we all stay proactive and have a zero tolerance philosophy about animal abuse.


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