Chill's Update

Many of you have asked how Chill is doing, here is a quick update!





Remember Chill ? She is the dog that a person felt it necessary to disfigure, crush and mutilate parts of Chill's body and cut off one foot. She now lives with Randy and his “crew” and loving every minute of it. She is spoiled to the core as she should be! Sadly though after all these months and two surgeries later, she has battled infections constantly-7 in all.

Until her “good” foot which had all but two toes amputated heals, the future of her getting a prosthetic is unknown.  Her loving playful soul touches everyone she meets. Her best friend at Randy’s house is a scared pittie who was rescued from the brutal fate of being a bait dog.  She is his friend and treats him like she is his mom, helping him come around.   Her future still looks bright because we will never give up on her, be it with 4 legs, 3 legs or even just 2. She loves life too much.  


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