From Cujo to Lassie-A Transformation



For months I drove by the same area off N. Broadway to feed a dog that didn’t want anything to do with me. In fact, this poor guy actually tried to attack me and he meant business.


This area is a well known spot for ex-dog fighting dogs to get dumped. He was scared and alone, no trust in people and who could blame him.  Since he was not near any people, more of an area that is a wasteland, I decided to just keep feeding him and hope one day he would let me get close enough to save him.  It didn’t go as planned.

A call came in about a white pit who was hit by an 18 wheeler off of N. Broadway…..I knew who it was and my heart broke. Off I went to see if he was alive and I christen him “Tomahawk” on the drive towards no-man’s land.  When I arrived I actually saw him rolling in the grass under a big semi, he looked ok except for a limply walk. The trap was set.

Growling and lunging through the wire mesh is what I saw the next day. We had him but now what?  I couldn’t stand the thought of killing him because some monster of a human tortured his soul into being aggressive.   I couldn’t put anyone at Stray Rescue at risk so I did the only thing I could think of……set up a crate in my office and try to rehab a dog that wanted to kill me. I prayed.


I slept next to his crate for 2 days, feeding him with a fork. When his guard was down I would use the fork to scratch on him. If he growled or lunged he didn’t get fed. He started catching on. I put my old tee-shirt in with him to get use to my smell. I laid there and just talked calmly sometimes dozing off. As each hour passed I noticed his body language, he was relaxing. Next step was to open the door and feed him, going into his safe zone. No problems at all!

Eventually the moment came, a walk. I made myself feel no fear so he would not pick up on anything to react to. This was the defining moment, fresh air and a nice guy…it clicked in his mind….I can trust him. Tommy has many new friends now! Thank you Donna and Kathleen (the Twinkie whisperer) for helping me save his life.  Tommy is proof that it is not the breed that is bad but the sadistically twisted people that torture the pits are. Welcome to Stray Rescue Tommy, the torture is over.






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