July 4th Was A Busy Time For Recues!


It may be Independence Day and what better way to celebrate this day but to give some dogs their independence from the street and pound.

A family of dogs, 1 mom and her 5 pups were first up. Although we were only able to rescue 3 of the feral pups, we will be going back to save the rest.  Then there was a call from the pound, a very sick boy who has given up. We named him Uncle Sammie. He is in serious condition at VSS with Pneumonia and other ailments. Missing part of his lip makes him even more endearing, and so sweet.


                                                        Uncle Sammie

Next up was a little girl who was getting rocks thrown at her by some, well, not so decent kids. Her name is Independence and she is about as kind of a dog you could ever ask for.


           Mom and pups, 3 saved so far

The weekend did end on a sad note, a puppy we named Tommy J, whose mother was dead, was rushed to emergency at VSS and sadly died of infection late last night.


                                                         Lil Tommy J, R.I.P

Now I need you, please consider fostering, click here for the form and spread the word that Stray Rescue needs a little bit of everything-from volunteers, foster parents, to donations to continue our much needed mission….saving lives!

 Independence and myself thank you for your support! woof, Randy



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