Nightmare On Palm Street

Trapped, scared and starved is just a few of the words to describe this sadness. This CSB (Citizen’s Bureau) call will and still haunts me. 3 dogs made this Amityville shell of a house home but there is one big catch, 2 are stuck on the 3rd floor with no way down. The other lives in the basement.  The staircase is missing most of its stairs and the wood holding up this entire miserable dwelling is more like frail driftwood that falls and breaks with each step you take.  Time is running out, they are the walking dead from starvation.


This was third time I have been there, trying to figure out what to do, how to save them. Armed with hotdogs I would toss them up to the third floor. Finally the shepherd mix was so hungry that she would go down the only three remaining steps of this steep stairwell to try to get a morsel. I am at the bottom and start climbing up using just the remaining shards of wood and Donnas’ helping arm to keep me balanced. Because of my size I would sometimes just fall through the flooring. But when I saw her eyes, saw the fear, saw the hunger….well….I wasn’t leaving without her.


Both myself and now named Violet overcame our fears as I lassoed her and we both flew down the staircase from hell. Once outside Violet spotted the food I was leaving for another dog and she couldn’t stop eating….ravenous…I pulled her away from the food so she didn’t devour too much for her first real meal in almost a month according to the neighbors. I opened the SUV door and she jumped in on her own and went into a deep sleep, she was safe and fed.

I have to go back to save the pit, she will be a tough one too for she is scared of us and growling. It will happen.


Welcome Violet to Stray Rescue, you will never starve again.


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