One Dog , One Rescue- Chill

I want everyone to meet Chill. Donna, Pat and I rescued her recently. The pictures are tough to look at but it is the reality we see every day, the very sad plight of strays struggling to survive on the decaying urban streets. I have always said bombs could go off and do less damage in this heartbreaking world where people and street dogs co-exist in cruel poverty.


Chill is a stray dog that we have watched for months but sadly were not able to rescue her until recently. The stray problem is such an epidemic and numbering in the thousands so we are forced to triage our rescues. Dogs that look like they can hang on for awhile are left behind, while those who have little time left are the ones we try to rescue. Why? The lack of space at the shelter and the lack of funding for medical care are the main reasons why we must triage. A 16,500 SQ. FT. building that we own sits empty waiting for more funding so it can be completed and will be the answer to our dreams some day.

Man can be downright evil and cruel at times. One such person felt it necessary to disfigure, crush and mutilate parts of Chill's body and cut off one foot. Horrified best describes what we felt when Donna spotted her pulling her body across the ground. No longer could she run or play with her pack. Her mutilated body made it impossible for her to scavenge for food or keep up with her horde of dogs that provided a sense of security and being. For the past month, we wondered where she was but now we know, she was unable to move. She was dying.

With urgency and two broken hearts, Chill's and my own, I rushed her to Veterinary Specialty Services for emergency care. What was left of this poor dog was a skeletal body from starvation, mange and barely any hair. Her flea infestation, the worst I have seen in 20 years, covered her eyes and gave the illusion of hair but her body frame is virtually hairless. With infections inside the bones of both legs, the gravity of her wounds along with severe anemia from the fleas, I braced my heart for the worst case scenario-euthanasia.

As I held her on my lap, both of us now covered in fleas, I thought I better say good bye and apologize for the cruelty we humans inflict on these innocent pure creatures. I cried.

After four days of touch and go, VSS calls to tell me that Chill is stabilized and can most likely leave in a few days. She needs to recover for many weeks or months before any additional surgeries can be considered as she is too fragile to be spayed or to endure any medical procedure at this time. She will most likely lose one leg and time will tell if she will lose her second back leg as well. Many doctors appointments and surgeries await her but for now she knows she is safe, has a constant supply of food and can sleep without fear.


I have been saving the street dogs for a very long time and once in awhile there is a dog like Chill who has touched me very deeply in a way that is hard to put in words. Consequently, I will bring her to my home to recover and will give her an endless supply of love, stuff her with real food. She will be on some major pain medications and needs lots of attention. Donna, who never gave up looking for her, will also help me care for Chill. In a strange way it helps Donna and I emotionally. We will work together for Chill until that day comes that she can go to an understanding loving adoptive home.


I need your help. The medical expenses for Chill's recovery will be very high. I am asking for a gift so that she can receive whatever veterinary care she requires for a full recovery. You can send your gift to us by check or give online via our website. In the near future, I plan to throw a recovery party for her at the bar Chill and I hope you can make it. I extend my thanks to everyone involved in this special girl's rescue and healing. And thank you to the donors, volunteers and general public for showing your compassion towards one dog, one rescue.



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