The Panda Hospice Program

The Panda Hospice Program - Special Humans with Big Hearts Needed

Stray Rescue's Panda Program is a Hospice program for dogs. By filling out this application to foster, you agree to take a dog into your home who has a limited amount of time left to live. The dogs in this program have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or may be very old or both. They are deserving of a home where they can live out their remaining life with love and dignity and not have to die alone. Quality of life is the most important part for us all, and together we can give these dogs a happy, safe and loving end of life. Fill out the foster form to participate in this unique and rewarding program.



Panda, the inspiration of this new program, is such a wonderful girl. She may be deaf and suffer from severe heartworms and neurological problems, but she loves life and can serve as an inspiration to us all. She lives for strolls in the yard and being held. She has become a very special new additon to Randy's household.

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