The Rescue of Luigi


It was cold and raining and as darkness fell we thought our rescuing for the day ended as well. That wasn't the case.

At 7pm the call came in, just when I thought I could reward myself with a martini, it was the Wellston Police dispatcher. Another dog stuck on the roof of a burnt out home. Darrell and I get our gear and headed out with a police escort. When we arrive on this street that looks as if poverty and destruction appeared to be the norm, we both let out a sigh. Looking up we see no dog but our rescue instincts tell us not to be fooled by this.

Searching the parameter we spot just feet away, another shell of a house and Darrell goes in to explore. I hear him say "I got him" and then hear him say "but there is many more".  A large pack of dogs have made this their urban sancturary. Scared, hungry and injured, I couldn't help but think it was man they were hiding from and when Darrell appears through the darkness with a tortured canine, I knew my gut feeling was right.

Dog fighting is nothing new to this area and we see many survivors of losing battles or showing sure signs for use as a bait dog (front leg injuries, usually tied down to a dog with a more passive personality).

Luigi has fighting wounds that ripped down to the actual bone. Neither front leg was spared from the brutality.I understood why he was hiding with a frightened pack now. And as most of the dogs we save from man's ignorance, he rewarded me with a kiss. Once in my SUV he settled in and rode with us just like most dogs, happy, excited about a car ride and sloppy wet kisses. At the vet as they worked on him a muzzle was never needed, his pain was overshadowed by his hapiness to be saved. He stood there wagging his tail and the Doc did her thing. Luigi, your bad days are behind you buddy! Rest of the pack-Hang in there...we will be back.

Woof, Randy




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