The Rescue of Mr. Belvedere- Divine Dog Intervention

Recently, while feeding many strays with Donna in Washington Park, we experienced a Dog God miracle. We both said it felt like a strange day, different than many others. 

It started with a confrontation with a woman and her ten kids who have severely neglected their dogs. They allow them to run loose on some of the most dangerous streets in America. Some had mange, all malnourished and one with an embedded collar in his neck.  We left that residence pretty upset and as we drove through the cratered potholed streets we are flanked by so many stray street dogs. 

I got out of the jeep to inspect a pit bull whose ears were chopped off for fighting, in the background I see two men training more.  I said to Donna “Let’s get the hell out of here. I can’t take much more.”

But before we head back I wanted to check on one of my favorite strays, he kisses me and trusts me. One day his rescue will come when we have the space, but space at Stray Rescue is as rare as the Hope Diamond.  I call him “black dog” for I learned many years ago never give a street stray a name for if they die on the streets it just hurts even more.

As we near the black dog Donna says “Wouldn’t it be wild if we saw that one dying dog we tried to catch before?”   I knew exactly what dog she was talking about. She knew I knew.  Two months prior we saw a shell of a dog that looked as if he should have already been dead. I didn’t have my trap or gear that day so I tried to catch him with a blanket. I failed.


When Donna finished her sentence we both look up and there he was, alive and going through garbage at a gas station. We thought we were hallucinating. But this time I had my trap. This time I knew his rescue was going to happen. We jump into gear and set up the trap, bait it and try to keep the poor guy near enough to smell the food. He does and it happens. He is saved! And if that weren’t enough, the owner of the gas station said he had never seen that dog there before. Someone definitely wanted us to find him that day.


Now that he is settled in at Hillside Animal Hospital, he is so gentle and enjoying food, a real bed and love.  His medical care will be expensive, and the issue of space is one we deal with daily. Anyone who wants to help him, please make a donation.

I thank my stray black dog for saving him. Because of the awful day we were having I needed a kiss from this sweet stray guy and to get to him we had to go by the gas station; the one with a dog who now has a name, Mr. Belvedere.


Mr. Belvedere, your bad days are behind you. Black dog, we will be back.

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