Rescue of Penske


Many residents are use to us being in their neighborhoods and helping the animals. One neighbor saw Penske get hit by a car and was quick to call us to save his life. What we saw broke our hearts.

Hiding under the woman's porch in pain I was able to get a slip lead around his neck and into my arms....he wagged his tail and that was amazing to me. He knew we were there to help him, even in pain his gentle nature shined. I know some of the pictures are hard to look at but I do think it is important for people to know and understand we have a stray problem of epic proportions that needs to be front and center. This is what happens when people stop caring for their dog and toss them to the streets.

                                        Penske being rescued

We don't know if his leg will be able to be saved but thank Hillside Animal Hospital for being there for Penske yesterday.  If you can donate, please do, if you can't donate then foster and if you can't foster then volunteer. Become part of the solution!  


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