Seniors for Seniors Program

Stray Rescue is pleased to offer a new program that will enrich the lives of St. Louisan's who are at least 60 years young as well providing peace of mind and security for some senior dogs who are a minimum of "7" years of age.

The inspiration for this program came to Randy Grim recently when he adopted a dog to his 68-year-old mother, Mary Ellen. Her questions and concerns were so valid that it made Randy realize that many wonderful older dogs and seniors are missing out on the wonderful companionship and love a pet can bring to their lives. Since many senior citizens are on a fixed income, assistance with fees and food is a real benefit. Older dogs are often harder to place yet they are a perfect match for a senior citizen who may not to be able to control a very active, playful dog.

If needed, assistance and follow up care from a Stray Rescue professional will be made available at all times. As always, Stray Rescue will take the animal back if unforeseen circumstances occur or the animal outlives its guardian. A starter kit of dog food, bowls and toys will be provided as well.

The Seniors for Seniors Program is comprised of two separate programs, one benefiting the senior citizen and the other for the senior dog.

  1. The Lieber Senior Match Program has been created to assist senior citizens who are on a fixed income and unable to afford the adoption fees for a companion animal but are capable of caring for a pet. This program funds the adoption fees and any necessary medical care for any dog or cat adopted by a senior citizen who has financial limitations. In addition, Stray Rescue will assist the senior citizen in finding a dog that is a good match for their lifestyle. Often we find pairing up a senior dog with a senior citizen is a great match!! We are extremely grateful for the generosity of a supporter who is funding this program.
  2. The Senior Dog Program funds the medical costs for any senior dog (age "7" and older) with an ongoing medical condition and who is adopted by a person with limited financial means. Although typically harder to adopt, everyone knows that senior dogs make wonderful companions and deserve to live out their life in a home full of love and good food. Although currently operational, we are looking for additional funding for this program. If interested, please contact us at 314-771-6121.

If you qualify and are interested in participating in this program, please fill out an online application and put the word SENIOR after your name. Once your application has been received and processed, someone will call you. Thank you for helping a canine senior citizen.

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