Sick, Dying and on the Mend-- UPDATE



A house that is missing the entire backside with a dog living inside amongst garbage, a dog about to give up and ravaged with infections. That is what we saw when we rescued Schweiger.


Schweiger  existed in a tough part of the city in a house that looked as if a bomb blew it apart.  As he appeared, I knew something was wrong as so did Donna.  He was swollen in all places of his body. Every single gland was swollen from his legs to his face, he was dying. 


Starved, he came towards the lobbed hotdogs and allowed us to leash him up. Defeated, he didn’t put up much of a fight. Off to our new vet clinic we went at the new animal center. Once we arrived, Dr. J and Jennifer did their thing and got the poor boy stabilized.  I went home, said a prayer that he would survive.


The next morning I walk into the clinic and I hear a thumping noise….there he was, laying there thumping his tail in gratefulness. He was on the mend, his give-up attitude was gone. I got my kiss and smiled. Schweiger could use a foster home to recover and be the boy I know he always wanted to be…the dog on the couch ready to please whoever adopts him.


Schweiger has advanced cancer and now part of the Panda program. He has a good 3 months to enjoy love and life and we all would like to see him go to a foster for the remaining time he has.  Find out more how you can be a Panda foster, a true hero.


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