A Special Dog, Special Rescue




Once again the “Rescue Gods” were watching out for us. We had been back and forth on the same road a couple of times, but as we were getting ready to head to a different area to feed we saw a dog lying on the side of the road. She wasn’t moving, but was still alive. There was blood coming from her mouth and she looked dazed. It was pretty obvious that she had been hit by a car but was some how able to make it to the side of the road. We needed to get her to a vet quickly. Her breathing was labored and her tongue started to hang out of her mouth. It really seemed as though we hadn’t found her in time and we were going to lose her. We wrapped her in a blanket, got her in the car and headed to Hillside. She had a badly broken back leg and internal bleeding along with some cuts and scrapes form being hit.



She really needed to be watched around the clock and with it being a weekend it was decided that she would need to go to VSS. So off we went. After the doctor examined her there, it was also determined that she had swelling in her brain and her front leg was also broken. They needed to get her stable and the next 48 hours would tell us if she would make it or not. The daily updates were looking better and better and after a few days she was stable enough to do the surgery on her back leg to repair the break. Fortunately, the break to her front leg was not as bad and will heal with a splint. She has a long road ahead to recover. But it already seems like she enjoys the TLC that she needs to help that recovery. Even on the ride home from VSS she road with her head between the front seats so she could get petted and wagged her tail after she got home and onto her new bed. A special thanks to Pat and Donna for stopping and saving this girl's life. 


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