Special Dogs and Special Friends



Our good friends from Best Friend’s Animal Society, John Garcia and his wife Mackenzie, spent a day rescuing with Randy and Donna. They turned out to be our good luck charm! Cy, who has been missing for a month on the streets and shot in the eye, came out of the brush so happy to see us. He is now safe with us. Bloom that had her front leg amputated from abuse has been missing for a year and she too came out when she heard the sound of the SUV. Victoria, Shauna, David, Philippe all got saved as well.





Last but not least for the day was a boy we named Metro who was hit by a car in University City with a serious injury to his front leg. John and Mackenzie are here in St. Louis to help with the new Companion Animal Center- Not only are they good people but darn good rescuers too!  Remember, if you can't adopt then foster, if you can't foster then donate and be part of the solution.



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