Stray Rescue takes in 30 dogs from a hoarding situation-help needed.


On November 12th after being asked by the AG department to assist with dogs taken form a hoarder in Crawford County , we got a surprise. Expecting only 11 dogs we recieved almost 30. Most scared, some pregnant and many just 6 week old puppies. These situations always makes us a bit sad knowing they lived in probably poor conditions and with little human contact. All of these dogs will be ready for a "real" home soon but many still need compassionate people to step up to the plate and foster-helping them learn that people can be kind and loving...the building blocks for a forever home.


If you would like to foster please fill out a form here and if you would like to donate towards their care you can click the "paypal" link at the top of the page, for their medical care will be very expensive. As always, thanks to the people, volunteers, staff and donors who have helped so much and I can only hope this goodwill continues. They deserve that second lease on life.



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