At Stray Rescue we see animal abuse on a daily basis. Many of you have seen and read the stories over the years of the wonderful companion animals we have rescued from certain deaths.


Animal cruelty is a crime. Write or call your local law enforcement departments and tell them that investigating animal cruelty should be a main concern. Fight for the passage of strong anti-cruelty laws on federal, state or local levels. Have signature petitions. Write letters to legislators. Stronger laws mean tougher penalties, and punishment for animal cruelty should be harsher! Support Stray Rescue in this fight. Volunteer, foster, donate.

Set a good example for others. You can prevent animal cruelty and it starts within you. If you are a pet owner, make sure that you always show your pets the love and care that they ought to have. Always provide food, fresh water, shelter and medical treatment if your pet is sick. Have your animals spayed or neutered. Be a responsible pet owner. And to top it off, a lot of hugs and kisses won't hurt!

Every dog pictured has been healed by Stray Rescue and now have that precious second chance at a life free of pain and fear. The last two months alone we have spent $200,000 on their medical care.


We can’t fight the fight without your support. We can’t save their lives without your love



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