Vodka Pack of 10 Now Safe




On North Sarah lived one the more “cute” packs of dogs except their days were numbered. 

 All have some kind of illness from heartworm to fungus growth. All lived off of our feedings and scraps they could find. Some came right to us, while others stayed away for they are feral and afraid of people.


The first to be was rescued was “Vodka” and her pups.  Using her pups as an incentive we were able to get this sickly family. The others had to wait. With space always being an issue and knowing they were staying in the same spot as long as we left food, I told them “hang in there, it will happen.”

One month later it did happen. I took Jenn with me and we began the round up. First up was “Makers Mark” for he was the bravest and always greeted me with a tail wag.  So far so good and I set a trap for “Seagrams” which also worked quickly and easily. But there is always one that makes a seemingly easy rescue …well…hard.


“Jim Beam” wanted no part of our rescue plan. He snubbed the trap and went and hid at the basement stairs of a house that resembled Amityville Horror House.  By this time Donna showed up and I thought maybe a small woman will be less intimidating (ok, this place scared the hell out of me lol but I am sticking with my small woman theory)

After numerous attempts, Donna got a lead around his neck but he was snapping and mad. I took over the lead and pretty much had to force him up the creepy stairs while he flipped and flopped. With a sweeping motion we got him in the car. This pack is rescued.


Cool news, after just 24 hours Jim Beam and Seagrams already like being loved on. Vodka and her pups are now ready for adoption and Makers Mark needs a foster home as he goes through heartworm treatment.  Check them all out and help us find them the homes they always wanted.




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