Stray Rescue Mistakes Coyote For Dog: Coyote Ugly- Not For Long!


It has been a week since we first spotted a sickly dog, or what we thought was a dog, terrified and cold on a back porch in North City near the river. She gave us a quick look before dashing into the nearby woods. Thin and missing almost all of her hair, both Donna and I knew this one would haunt us forever if we didn’t rescue her. She didn’t have much time left on this planet. We set our humane trap; in fact we set three traps. We finally got the call and surprise we have been waiting for. “She is in the trap,” said the caller. The trap had been baited with cheeseburgers.



I remember Donna tearing up, my heart racing as we drove to save her. Finally she can get the help she needed so desperately! As we walked closer to the trap, we both were saddened by her condition. But on closer inspection, we both started to have doubts that she might not be a dog after all. She did let me pet her, so that also threw us both through a loop. We loaded her up in the Jeep and sat in the driveway of the home.

“Let’s look up 'foxes' on Google,” I said. We then started to look at pictures, not seeing a resemblance at all. But once we added the word “mange” to the search, we both knew she was a fox or coyote in need of help. I called The Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, and they immediately knew she was a coyote needing their TLC and care. Off we went.


Collaborating with The Wildlife Rescue Center has been amazing. From the moment we pulled up with our precious cargo, their love and dedication to preserving wildlife was felt immediately from their team. Donna and I had a wonderful inside tour of their facility, and it brought back memories of being a kid on my favorite type of field trips from school. The staff and volunteers there just plain ‘ole ROCK!

We named her Holiday, but the center goes by last names. Let’s face it, I don’t want the first coyote I ever rescued to be named Grim so they made an exception. So, she is known as Holiday. I was fascinated by how they heal so many wild animals without domesticating them so they can be released back into the wild. I know Donna and I will be standing there after her long road to recovery to watch the release of this special girl.

Her journey back to the wild will be a long and expensive one, so I am asking for you to please donate to The Wildlife Rescue Center in honor of Holiday. Let’s make their Christmas at this miraculous refuge a blessed one for all the animals in their care. This is a special place! Donate below.

Love Randy, Donna, the Wildlife Rescue Center and Holiday!

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